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  • Proficiency Testing Provider at the SZK FAST

    Accredited Proficiency Testing Provider according to EN ISO/IEC 17043

    Czech Accreditation Institute website

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    Certification of Acreditation (English version).

    The Appendix of Certification of Acreditation (English version).


    Actual PT programs

    New PT schemes can be found on our new website

    Final reports

    ZZ 2017/1 - Soil Testing(CZ version)

    ZZP 2017/1 - Masonry Units Testing(CZ version)

    ZMC 2017/1 - Mortar, Cement and Fine-grained Cement Composites(CZ version)

    ZO 2017/1 - Steel Testing(CZ version)

    ZZB 2017/2 - Strength and Elasticity of Hardened Concrete - Registration deadline: 31/07/2017

    ZVP 2017/1 - Mechanical Properties of Plastics (CZ version)

    ZZB 2017/1 - Strength and Durability of Hardened Concrete (CZ version)

    ZK 2017/1 - Aggregate Testing (CZ version)


    Proficiency testing programs 2013-14

    Cancellation and Complaints Procedures - Information for Participants in Proficiency Testing Programs


    doc. Ing. Tomáš Vymazal, Ph.D.


    Tel.: +420 541 147 818

    Ing. Petr Misák, Ph.D.


    Tel.: +420 541 147 831